Wind Tunnel Testing

The long wait to roof the world class Whanganui velodrome is almost over, with wind tunnel testing organized by the Regional Velodrome Group accomplishing the first phase.

Wind tunnel testing was completed on 2-3 November 2015 by UniServices, Auckland, for the Velodrome Roofing Group, to ensure viability of roofing the velodrome. Tests were performed on a 1:200 scale model and measured the pressures on the proposed fabric and truss roof covering the velodrome.

The pressure measurements involved construction of a model with embedded pressure tubes, each of which was connected to a bank of pressure sensors. Pressures were measured simultaneously at approximately 270 locations around the model roof, on both top and bottom surfaces, at 10 degree intervals.

These results are used to ensure the structure will perform to the required standards and will also enable designers to tailor construction materials for the most cost effective construction.

A revolutionary design has been proposed by Copeland Associates, which will present a cost-effective solution to protecting the current track from further degradation, providing the Whanganui community with a state of the art sporting facility, meeting international standards.

Roofing the velodrome will provide our community with a centre to develop year round sport and recreation initiatives, attracting national and international sporting events delivering economic benefits to the City, and raising the Whanganui’s profile as a centre for sport.