The Velodrome Update’s second newspaper advertisement has been published, pointing out Whanganui District Council’s application to the Government to fund the $26 million development of a velodrome stadium is so shovel-ready only 2 of 11 boxes are left to be ticked.

Work can then start. As the advertisement says: 600 new jobs in just two ticks.

So when will the Government announce the remaining successful COVID-19 shovel-ready projects?

Questioned in Parliament by the Opposition Leader yesterday (July 22,2020), the Prime Minister said: ” We had over 1,900 projects that we have whittled down as quickly as possible. We are simultaneously working through the final details and contract negotiations whilst announcing them as quickly as we can. It would be wrong for us to announce projects without having done due diligence; the member would be the first to point that out if that was the case.”

The Hansard report on the questions and answers is here:…/HansS_2…/1-question-no-1-finance