Regional Velodrome taking shape as a community focussed multi use facility

The striking vision for this regional facility is it’s ability to deliver benefits to large numbers of the Whanganui and regional community. A multi-use centre.

The roofing project has crystalised into a facility with 3 interlinked surfaces, each providing a unique value proposition.

The Track – providing for cyclists from beginner juniors to adult, serious competitors, and from school learner riders to business house regular eventers.

The Skating circuit –  Whanganui – Manawatu hits a way above it’s weight in NZ competitive in line skating. A surface and skating track of very high standard for children, youth and adult skaters.

The Arena –  A central space potentially providing covered seating for up to 3000 guests – Events such as bands, orchestra, kapa haka, dance. Attracting events that require a BIG covered space.

This stunning and effective transformation will deliver for walkers, runners, those looking for a x-training facitlity.  Health organisations looking for year round safe, dry space to provide for fundamental trike, bike, walk, and jog options. Building health and wellness.

Schools and children increasingly requiring space and facilities (that are dry, all year round!) that tick all the boxes for fitness and health. Including cycling, developing skills in a safe environment, and skating all year long under any weather conditions.

The ICONIC Regional Velodrome– will be a landmark within the Whanganui-Manawatu region. With impressive pulling power. The new facility will draw tourists both national and international. And once completed and operational we will reflect on the cross region value this Community focussed centre has delivered.

Whanganui and the region will without any doubt benefit immensely on completion of our ‘State of the art’ cutting edge technology facility.

A superb statement on the collective forward thinking of the people of

Manawatu -Whanganui.

Let’s everyone get behind the development.