Naenae: another superb example of using a membrane roof

Here are some images of the superb membrane roof developed at Naenae Regional Bowling Club, Lower Hutt.
A long-life, tensile membrane roof is proposed in the advanced Copeland Architects’ design for a fully-covered, all-weather Whanganui velodrome.
Whanganui District Council officers, with external consultants, are now understood to be preparing various design options and costs to be considered by councillors.
The Naenae development is described in the New Zealand journal of architecture as being an “affordable, lightweight, tensile membrane”, covering a 2,500 square metre indoor rink.
The Copeland design for Whanganui should deliver a lower-cost option, with the sides fully enclosed and weather proof, and no centre steel poles interrupting activities or views.
The Naenae facility also includes a bistro, RSA and a health care centre.
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