About the Project

The timing is right to complete the much needed all weather velodrome in Wanganui. Our community is eager for growth and development and roofing the velodrome guarantees year round events that will bring people to the city on a regular basis, ultimately adding to our local economy.

Our region is proud to have produced some of the best medal prospects for the World Champs, Commonwealth and Olympic Games and our ambition is to give all people the same opportunity to become champions with a chance to represent New Zealand.

The roofing design will future proof the existing facility, encouraging developments leading not only to widespread regional and national use for cycling but usage across a wide range of sporting and recreational pursuits.


The Regional Velodrome in Whanganui was the first wooden track of its kind in the country and is widely regarded as the fastest track in New Zealand. It was designed by internationally acclaimed velodrome designer Ron Webb who has since incorporated similar design features in his later velodrome projects, including the London Olympic track.

Due to its hardwood construction and long sweeping curves, the velodrome is a standout performer, capable of assisting elite cyclists to achieve world qualifying times and we, as a region, are exceptionally fortunate to have such a facility available.

Once covered the huge potential of the velodrome will be realised. Substantial economic and sporting benefits will be produced for the regional community through its use. From the serious to the recreational cyclist, families, youth and mature participants, everyone will gain from this multi-use facility.


“The Covered Velodrome will be a Regional Gem”

The design concept is state of the art and totally functional – consisting of a membrane and galvanised steel structure, covering the entire track area. The time frame from final detailed design and working drawings to cutting the ribbon will only be 14 months.  All preliminary stages have been completed including the necessary wind tunnel work which it passed with flying colours.

The Regional Velodrome Roofing Group are dedicated to the need to “protect the asset” and our goal is to create a regional velodrome with a rich history.  It will become a hub for cycling and an economic driver that attracts sports and recreational activity to the region. Support for the project has already been indicated by several sectors, showing a high level of interest and commitment for turning our dreams into reality.